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Our VA’s can expand your team for 1/5 the cost.

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VA Integration

However you run your business, our VA's can integrate seamlessly. From Slack to Email to everything in between.

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Small businesses have unique needs. Despacho's VAs are agile and adaptable to your ever changing requirements.

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Cost Effective

Custom plans to suit any small business. Hire a full-time VA for 1/5 the cost of an in-house assistant.

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Documentation v2.0

We create customized onboarding documentation so your new VA is onboarded swiftly.

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A reliable part time admin was hard to come by but our Despacho virtual assistant is professional and always on when we need them. We were able to offload our adminstrative work onto our VA which has been very nice to have someone do that reliably.
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Elbow Room


Why Choose Despacho for your Virtual Assistant?

Our VA recruitment process is rigorous. Out of 200 applicants, on average, only one will be hired. Our location in the heart of the Technology Hub of India allows us to recruit top talent from Start-Ups through to large organizations. Our VA’s have experience with many small businesses and understand the importance of the VA role within a company.

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