Silicon Valley to Electronic City

How Despacho bridges the gap between West and East.

Started by Founders and VC's

Despacho started as an in-house project between a couple North American start-ups and their VC's. They were addressing the issue of cost effectively scaling admin resources quickly. Start-ups don't have time to wait around. They need good resources now on tight budgets.

The goal was to find the best-of-the-best of outsourced administrators and use technology to integrate that talent directly into portfolio companies.

Those companies have since scaled and the founders have exited and are now bringing that resource stack to others.

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Mark Blackwell

Mark is an Investing Partner with Builders VC. Previously, he was COO of GNS3 Technologies (acquired by SolarWinds) and a Product Manager at SolarWinds.

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Amit Mehta

Dr. Amit Mehta is a leading healthcare investor with Formation8 and Builders VC. He is also a practicing Doctor, published author, and owner of multiple businesses.

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Stephen Guppy

Exited entrepreneur and multiple founder. Stephen has experience growing 7 and 8 figure businesses by leveraging the talent of remote workers.

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Rajeeth Dhasthagir

Raj's extensive experience spanning over a decade across diverse domains has transformed him into an exceptional virtual assistant and an esteemed leader. He diligently ensures the realization of his goal to deliver top-notch services at an accessible price point on every occasion.

Our Process

What Sets Us Apart


Hire the Top 0.5%

Our recruitment process is rigorous. Out of 200 applicants, on average, only one will be hired. Our location in the heart of the Technology Hub of India allows us to recruit top talent from Start-Ups through to large organizations.

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Proven Tech and Training Stack

We leverage proven technology and training stacks to increase the efficiencies of our virtual assistants. Our proprietary onboarding and training package ensures VA's show immediate value once hired.

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Compensation and Perks

Our team is based in a custom built and modern office space - complete with all the perks found at our North American offices. Our compensation package is continually placed in the top 10th percentile to attract and retain high quality Virtual Assistants.

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