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Supporting nonprofit organisations in focusing their efforts on their most critical responsibilities

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Nonprofit Organization
Calgary, AB
To better utilize executive resources by delegating calendar management and basic administrative duties
Charitable Organization

Why they choose Despacho


Affordable Cost

For a non-profit organization, Despacho offered us the ability to ensure regular daily support at an affordable cost.



The quality of work amazes me every day. You can reach out to me if anyone is wondering about the quality of Despacho VA.

Why did you need an outsourcing firm like Despacho?

As a non-profit, we could not afford a full-time executive assistant. And, it can be very challenging to hire part-time, daily, support locally. Despacho offered us the ability to ensure regular daily support on a part-time basis.

What specific tasks did Despacho help with?

My Despacho assistant provides me with calendar support, meeting preparation, travel booking, Board management support, and some basic office administration like ordering office supplies for our entire team.

What advice would you give to a new Despacho customer?

If you have never worked with an assistant before, you may be cautious about what work you hand over. I have been constantly impressed with my virtual assistant’s ability to complete work as needed. You can give them more than you think!

Was there any reason why you selected Despacho over other services on the market?

A close contact of mine has had a virtual assistant through Despacho for several years. My interactions with his virtual assistant have always been really positive and I could see that the quality of work was good. If anyone is wondering about the quality of work, they can email me and ask for a meeting. Their interactions with my assistant, Caroline, will show them how great a Despacho virtual assistant can be!

My VA empowers me to devote more time to the most critical responsibilities.

Melissa From

President & CEO, JA Southern Alberta

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