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Assisting construction technology company with their admin, sales, and collections tasks.

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Construction Technology
Kitchener, Ontario
DOZR’s goal is to simplify the process of renting heavy equipment for construction projects by providing a user-friendly platform where contractors can easily find and rent equipment from a vast network of suppliers.

Why they choose Despacho


Focus on strategic initiatives

Alleviate the burden of administrative tasks and focus on strategic initiatives.


Managing the tasks effectively

Despacho's services has been beneficial in helping to manage the workload more effectively.

Why did you need an outsourcing firm like Despacho?

Managing multiple responsibilities and projects simultaneously, I found myself stretched thin, often juggling numerous tasks and deadlines concurrently. While I thrived in my role and enjoyed the challenges it presented, the sheer volume of daily administrative tasks became increasingly burdensome, detracting from my ability to focus on strategic initiatives and core aspects of my job. Recognizing the need for additional support to alleviate this burden and ensure that essential administrative duties were handled efficiently and effectively, I sought assistance from an outsourcing firm like Despacho.

What specific tasks did Despacho help with?

Caroline initially undertook responsibilities such as managing my calendar, coordinating travel arrangements, handling data entry, and overseeing office management. It became evident to me quite swiftly that Caroline was an invaluable asset in my daily operations, as she adeptly managed these tasks with efficiency and precision. As our partnership evolved, Caroline seamlessly transitioned to tackling more complex assignments, demonstrating her versatility and capability. Moreover, Despacho has further strengthened our team by providing a range of resources, including support for our sales efforts and assistance with collections.

What advice would you give to a new Despacho customer?

Taking the time to define your needs in advance is crucial for ensuring that you make the most of your Despacho team member's capabilities and expertise. By clearly articulating your requirements, objectives, and priorities from the outset, you provide your Despacho team member with a solid understanding of what is expected of them and how they can best support you. This proactive approach not only helps to streamline communication and minimize misunderstandings but also allows your Despacho team member to hit the ground running and begin contributing to your success from day one. Whether it's outlining specific tasks, setting performance goals, or providing detailed instructions, the more clarity you can provide upfront, the more effectively your Despacho team member can tailor their efforts to meet your needs and deliver results that align with your expectations.

Was there any reason why you selected Despacho over other services on the market?

I was struggling with my workload and shared my challenges with a colleague in the industry. They recommended Despacho to me, and I'm really glad we had that discussion. Their suggestion led me to discover Despacho's services, which have been a great help in managing my tasks more effectively.

Despacho strengthened our team by providing a range of resources, including support for our sales efforts and assistance with collections.

Tim Forestell


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