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eCommerce - Digital Products
Salt Lake City, UT
Operationalize seven like-kind businesses using a secure, reliable network of contractors to ensure the efficient execution of operations.
B2B & B2C

Why they choose Despacho



My VA assists me with practically all of the duties that I wished to do. When I have emerging requirements, he learns new technologies and methodologies.


Reliable & Trustworthy

Despacho is professional, responsive, and always willing to assist. With Despacho, I'm in good hands.

Why did you need an outsourcing firm like Despacho?

I needed an outsourcing firm that prefers working with standard operating procedures. This helps us define expectations and keep projects on track. These SOPs provide a reference to refer to when disputes arise, allowing for a speedy resolution.

What specific tasks did Despacho help with?

The following are a few of the daily duties that my VA supports me with:

• Check support tickets
• Reply to the customer queries via email
• Check for annual upgrade
• Check for processing orders
• Check for social media comments and reply to it
• Create accounts for guest users
• Reviewing Mailchimp campaign
• Assigning new script to the contractors on Fiverr (creative writer, graphic designer and Spotify playlist creator)
• Proof read the contents
• Reviewing the graphic images
• Creating Spotify playlist on GPS Spotify account
• Creating Storefront image for scripts
• Creating the preview graphics
• Creating the final worksheet and prepping the zip file for a script
• Upload new script in the system on a monthly basis
• Upload Rotator in the system
• Newsletter creation
• Assigning new tasks to the contractors
• Creating milestone on Upwork
• Making payment to the contractors / approving milestone on Upwork
• Finding out new contractors on Upwork
• Securing book promotions
• Issuing royalty payments

What advice would you give to a new Despacho customer?

Before starting the first project, make sure to clearly define the scope of the project, the timeline, and the expected outcomes. I found regular communication to be key to success. I would establish a communication plan with your assigned partner and stick to it. This will help you monitor the progress of the project regularly to make sure it is on track.

Was there any reason why you selected Despacho over other services on the market?

I needed to find a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing partner. In a pinch, I took some advice from a short guy. In the end, I’m glad I did. From the initial contact it was clear Despacho was professional, responsive, and always eager to help. I didn’t feel the need to search any longer. I was in good hands with Despacho.

I am grateful for the chance to work with Despacho and look forward to extending our partnership in the future.

Chase Leavitt

CEO, Bold Sloth Ventures

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