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Accounting services
Calgary, AB, Canada
Help with entering and categorizing the expenses which allows to focus on filing taxes

Why they choose Despacho


Long Term Savings

Were able to bring on a VA to handle all admin work for a fraction of the cost.



Along with administrative support, Despacho VA helped entering and categorizing the expenses in the accounting software

Why did you need an outsourcing firm like Despacho?

Going into last year's tax season, we knew that we needed some help as my business was growing. I have a full-time job along with "The Mobile Accountant". Trying to manage both was becoming very difficult as the business was really starting to grow and take-off. I was looking for someone to take some of the more administrative tasks off my plate, so I could focus on helping customers directly and to focus on growing the business.

What specific tasks did Despacho help with?

I initially thought that I would be using Despacho for administrative tasks such as managing my inbox, calendar invites, etc., but it quickly turned into a lot more than that. I quickly discovered how competent Ajay (my Despacho VA) was and his willingness to learn and take on new tasks. He helps me with all of my businesses month-end, preparation of financial statements for clients, preparation of monthly schedules, website updates, etc. The list has grown so long that I can't think of everything.

What advice would you give to a new Despacho customer?

My biggest hesitation to bringing on more help was the thought that I have so much information in my head about what I do on a daily basis, that how would I pass that along to someone else. Hiring a VA forced myself to document the processes that I do and figure out a way that I can teach someone else to do it. This process allowed me to understand that other people can do the tasks that I do and I am not the only person who can perform them. It just takes documenting a process, maybe shooting a quick video and being there to answer their questions along the way. A year ago, I would have never imagined I could have someone else doing all of these tasks and reminding me that it is time to complete them.

Was there any reason why you selected Despacho over other services on the market?

I was not familiar with our VA organizations when I hired Despacho. I hired them based on a recommendation and have been extremely happy. I recommend Despacho to everyone that I know based on the experience that I had and how much it's improved my life. I am not nearly as stressed about the small things and I can focus on building the business as opposed to doing the business.

Despacho has helped me to stay focused and has given me the time to build the business. I look forward to working with my VA for years!!

Noah McDonald

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